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Musician / Composer / Songwriter

   Emil Khachaturian is an extremely talented and a charismatic representative of the instrumental music genre.
   Emil is a high grade professional, guitar master as well as  virtuoso musician and  composer. Performer of incredibly heart touching music, a great skilled singer songwriter that  writes his songs in three different languages: Ukrainian, English and Russian.
His work has been recognized by:
   -The Power of Music - Ukraine 2021
   -World Stars USA 2021 - USA, California 2021

   -Alley of Stars -Ukraine 2021
   Laureate of the 1st degree:
   -Together in the 21st Century - Bulgaria 2020
   -Music Empire - Ukraine 2021
   -Limanskie Zori - Ukraine 2021
   -Wonder Fest Georgia - Vogny Baku - Azerbaijan 2021
   Honorable 2nd place:
   GOLDEN TIME TALENT - United Kingdom 2021

   Member of the jury of international music competitions:

   -Constellation World Talent Network

   -Golden Time Talent

   Music for the soul!
   There is no better antidepressant than his music, which penetrates deep into the soul and is able to generate miracles. This is really a hurricane of the musician's feelings, for which the listener immediately falls.

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