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There is no better antidepressant than music which penetrates deep into the soul
Musician and composer Emil Khachaturian presents his first instrumental album with the original title 'Intimate'

  Emil presents his first instrumental album with the original title 'Intimate'.
This album includes 8 tracks and is already available on all digital platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.
  According to the composer, since the album contains only guitar and no other musical instruments, he wanted to call it "Intimate".
  The result is such a sincere conversation with the listener. Eight compositions, eight different lived stories, reflected in this music.
   This is a long-awaited album for fans of the maestro!
In addition to the well-known and beloved by the general public compositions, the album includes brand new, incredible in beauty compositions performed by the musician.
  The acoustic album "Intimate" is a light, mesmerizing album that allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax.

Emil Khachaturian presented his new music video "Fantasy"

  On November 13, 2021, he premiered a clip for the composition "Fantasy" from his first instrumental album “Intimate”, which will be released shortly.

  The music video was filmed in Israel in Timna Park, Eilat, popular tourist spot.

 Video storyline features - fantastically beautiful desert landscapes.

  Watching the enchanting sunset, melodic guitar playing, the listener together with the musician enters a world of dream and fantasy.

Musician and composer Emil Khachaturian won the "Alley of Stars" music contest!

   On August 23, 2021, the jury of the 6th season of the international contest "Alley of Stars" unanimously determined the winner of the Grand Prix among the contestants in the category "Instrumental Music". He became a musician-guitarist, composer Emil Khachaturian with his own composition "Endless Flow".

   Because of the pandemic, the multi-genre music competition was held remotely, but that did not stop the Ukrainian-Israeli musician from winning the highest award.

    According to the composer's words, this award was unexpected for him.

    Emil is a representative of contemporary instrumental music, participant of many international contests, multiple Grand Prix winner and 1st degree laureate.

  "Every talent has the right to become a star, and every star is important for Ukraine and the whole world! Today "Bravissimo!" and the Grand Prix from the jury receives a talented composer Emil Khachaturian, whose music heals the soul "- so they announced the winner of the contest.

     Maestro music impressed not only the jury, but also to organizer, chief producer of the Creative ecosystem "Music" A. Miroshnichenko.

Emil Khachaturian: “I'm on my way to my dream”

     On June 26 Emil gave his first big recital with his author's program "Angels Around" at the Suzanne Dellal Concert Hall in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    A former serviceman, an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a successful musician now, whose music conquers the hearts of listeners from Europe to America.

Emil  rapidly and confidently conquering the world show-business! Participant of international music competitions, multiple Grand Prix winner and 1st degree Laureate.

   "Magical music that penetrates deeply into the soul and has the power to heal, positively affects the mind and inspires!" - this is how the fans speak of Emil's music.

    At the concert Emil Khachaturian played time-tested compositions: "Northern Dance", "Angels Around", "Exodus", "Slovo Chekayu", and brand new, which will be included in the composer's album.

     Emil's performance on the big stage is undoubtedly a great show! Live sound, great music, warm cozy atmosphere, and most importantly the charisma and unsurpassed performance of the maestro, could not leave anyone indifferent, who attended his concert.

      Numerous fans, friends, relatives and colleagues came to support the musician.

Emil Khachaturian is a GRAND PRIX winner of the professional International competition "STARS OF EUROPE"

   At the beginning of May 2021, was held the annual professional producer multi-genre International competition "STARS OF EUROPE" (London) for singers, songwriters, musicians-instrumentalists, composers, etc.
   The competition is also the official selection of candidates for nominees for the Constellation UA ​​Super Award of the Year, which is awarded to the best participants based on the results of the creative year.
  Professional jury and producers evaluated the participants. As a result, GRAND PRIX was awarded to Emil Khachaturian in the "Author's Song" nomination.
     “Dear author, maestro Emil Khachaturian, who showed us his new talented, sincere, excellent author's song "Slovo Chekayu", congratulations on the prestigious GRAND PRIX award. Bravissimo, maestro!" - Andrey Miroshnichenko- chief producer of the Music Creative ecosystem, congratulated the musician on his well-deserved victory.

Musical compositions of the composer Emil Khachaturian were awarded the highest Grand Prix award at the international festival ZIRKA "WORLD STARS USA 2021"

   Based on the results of the work of the specialized jury and the American jury committee in the "Instrumental genre" nomination, the highest Grand Prix award was awarded to musical compositions: "Angels Around", "The Leap", "In love", of composer and performer Emil Khachaturian.
   We would like to remind you, these musical compositions are already being heard on radio stations in different parts of the world and are confidently in the TOP 10.
   “Beautiful compositions and an interesting author's approach. Expressive and emotional play. Stylish execution. You feel your own style, which should be shown on large stages. We wish Emil Khachaturian success and inspiration!” - this is how the chairman of the board of "ZIRKA” Lyudmila Altukhova congratulated Emil on a well-deserved victory.

Emil Khachaturian - winner of the III International competition-festival "Limanski
Zori" - Ukraine 2021

   Third International Festival-Competition of Arts "Limanski Zori" was held in Nikolaev (Ukraine) in April this year.
   The first place in the "Instrumental Art" nomination was given by unanimous decision of the jury to the musician and composer Emil Khachaturian with his author's composition "Exodus", which has already been declared the "Diamond of this Season".
   Let us remind you, that in March this composition was also presented at the International Competition "The Power of Music" and was deservedly awarded the highest award, Grand Prix.
   "Exodus" was written by the musician in 2020 on the eve of Passover-Jewish Passover. From the first chords, she managed to penetrate deeply into the soul and conquer the hearts of listeners

Musician and composer Emil Khachaturian won 1st place in the International Music Festival "Music Empire" - Ukraine 2021

   The 1st International Festival - Competition of Vocal and Instrumental Art "Music Empire" was held from 26 to 30 March 2021 (Ukraine). According to the jury results, musician and composer Emil Khachaturian won 1st place in the "Folk Instruments - Guitar nomination" with his author's composition "Angels Around". This track is already being played on various radio stations in the world and is included in the top 10. During his musical career, Emil has taken part in many international competitions. Let us remind you that he is the owner of the Grand Prix in the competition "The Power of Music" - Ukraine, Laureate of the 1st degree "Together in XXIst c." - Bulgaria, etc.
   Emil Khachaturian is a representative of contemporary instrumental music. His wonderful works can be heard on many music platforms: Apple Music, SoundCloud and Spotify. The musician is gaining momentum in his career, which coincides with the vibrant, highly active energy of his playing. In addition, his acoustic versions of the compositions create an atmosphere of tenderness, spiritual intimacy and allow the soul to relax!

Took an honorable II-nd place in the prestigious International Competition "GOLDEN TIME TALENT 2021" (Great Britain)

   Emil Khachaturian took the honorable II-nd place in the prestigious international competition "GOLDEN TIME TALENT 2021" in the category "Instrumental music" with the author's composition "IN LOVE". By the way, the musical composition "IN LOVE" confidently holds a place in Top10 on many radio stations around the world: the USA, Europe, Mexico, etc. Also in the same competition received another "silver" for the lyric song “Slovo Chekayu"

Won the GRAND PRIX in the International competition "THE POWER OF MUSIC" (Ukraine)

   The international competition "THE POWER OF MUSIC" was recently held, in which the composer and musician Emil Khachaturian, a representative of contemporary instrumental music, took part.
   The winners were announced at the end of February. The competition was attended by a large number of vocalists, songwriters, instrumental musicians, composers from different parts of the world!
   “The diamond of the season I declare the author's work “EXODUS” by the composer Emil Khachaturian in the author's performance. Mentally, musically, gracefully. Bravissimo, maestro!" - This is how Andrey Miroshnichenko, the chief producer of the Music Creative ecosystem, announced the winner of the 7th Season competition.

Presentation of a new video for the song

   The musician and composer presents a new video for the author's song "SLOVO CHEKAYU»
   This track was written at a fairly young age, but, unfortunately, for many 20 years it was "forgotten" by the author.
   “The song appeared while I was studying at the Kharkov Military University. Lack of romance in life contributed to the emergence of romantic formations in the head. I splashed my thoughts on a piece of paper. And, many years later, I remembered a song from the past, and I wished to give it a new life. At this time, it sounds exactly the way I feel it now!"

Received an award from the International Festival "TOGETHER IN THE XXI CENTURY" (Bulgaria)

   Emil Khachaturian - Ukrainian-Israeli musician and composer at the end of 2020 participated in the International Festival "TOGETHER IN XXI CENTURY." with his author's musical composition "IN LOVE", in the recording and arrangement of which Philip Barsky took part. The musician received the 1st Degree Laureate award in the Instrumentalist, Guitar, Composer nomination.

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